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Part of the popularity of bass fishing is probably due to the emergence of bass tournaments. These large professional events attract thousands of competitors every year across North America, collectively awarding millions of dollars in cash and prizes.

 To the average angler though, bass are a fish that can be caught and enjoyed on the hottest summer days, all day long. You can even catch bass from shore or from a dock. Bass are ideal for kids because once they are hooked, even if they are small, they provide plenty of fighting action combined with acrobatic jumps!  

The two top bass species in Ontario are the smallmouth and largemouth. In some areas, like the Kawartha Lakes or some of our inland lakes, both species can be caught in the same areas of a lake. Generally speaking though, largemouth bass prefer shallower, warmer, weedier locations, while smallmouth bass tend to prefer deeper, rockier and cooler water.

Some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in Ontario can be found in Lakes Simcoe, Erie and Ontario. Most of the smallmouth bass in these lakes are caught in mid-summer fishing at a variety of depths from 10 to 40 feet. While many anglers use live bait like leeches, worms, minnows, crayfish and frogs, many anglers catch larger fish using artificial lures such as a 4” tube/jig, twitching a Rapala X-Rap, or casting, retrieving or trolling with a Rapala crankbait like the Dives To Series.

Some of the best largemouth bass fishing takes place in an around the large weed beds and weedy shorelines of the Kawartha Lakes. Rice Lake, Stoney Lake and the Tri-Lakes (Buckhorn, Chemong & Pigeon Lakes), are top producers of largemouth bass. Most anglers use artificial lures like a 6” plastic Texas-rigged worm, a 3/8 oz. Spinnerbait, a “twitch-bait”, or crankbait to catch their fish.

One of the most exciting ways to catch both small and largemouth bass in the summer/fall is when they will take top-water lures right in front of you. Some of the best top-water lure bass action takes place early in the morning and especially at dusk when bass cruise into shallow water and literally attack anything that moves on the surface.

For both bass species, anglers will do well using medium to medium-heavy spinning and baitcasting outfits loaded with 10 to 30 lb test line, depending on the presentation they will be making and if they will be fishing heavy cover.

Baitcasting outfits were really designed for bass fishing because you can use your thumb to slow down the spool, precisely landing the lure near cover/structure(something that is tougher to do with a spinning outfit). Baitcasters are also ideal for using heavier line, which is advisable, especially if you are planning on fishing for trophy largemouth bass around boat docks, and or trees that have fallen in the water and around heavy clumps of vegetation.

If you are fishing in clearer or colder water, it’s best to use a lighter line and to use “finesse” fishing techniques for both species. These include: the drop-shot rig, the wacky worm rig and fishing smaller size plastics and ultra light lures.

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