Week 15 - The Wild Getaway!

Home base for your Wild Getaway is Our Valleyview Bed and Breakfast, located in Orono, Ontario. 

Your hosts, Petra Schwirtz and Martin Zinser, welcome you to a quite serenity that emanates from the valley. Embrace it and allow it to soothe your busy lifestyle, giving you time to relax and "smell the flowers." 

February blahs? Don't think so!

It may be cold, but February’s got plenty of action in store. In addition to many winterfests across the province, the month opens up with celebrations around the groundhog! Is winter almost over, or are we hunkering down? Find out for sure this coming Sunday.

Read on for an overview of groundhog festivities as well as winter festivals that will make February fly by.

Week 14 - ROAMing Ontario

We can all use a little warming up from the deep freeze that has held us in its grip for much of the month of January.

So let’s get ready to do some ROAMing across Ontario as we unveil the prize package in Week 14 of the Pioneer ROAM Great Winter Warm-Up Contest. Our package includes five fabulous attactions with a total value of about $497. 

Week 13 - Discovering Ottawa's Museums

Everyone knows about the Parliament Buildings, but did you know Ottawa is home to a variety of world-class museums that entertain and inform about everything from dinosaurs to how we get our food today.

So let’s go on an whirlwind tour with family passes to four fabulous museums.

Week 12 - Get ready to ROAM!

Our Week 12 prize package takes you all over Ontario, with passes to the CN Tower, Parkwood National Heritage Place, Grey Roots Museum and 1000 Islands Cruises Gananoque.

So let’s get started in Toronto.