Old Man River Project -Chapter 9

Chapter 9/10: Cancer Alley

Day 101 to Day 105. John Ruskey replaces Magnus. The team pushes out onto the busiest and most industrialized stretch of river on the Mississippi River, if not the world. Sandy beaches are replaced by massive industrial complexes that dominate the river bank on both sides. The air is so polluted, most of the team feel nauseous from breathing in the toxic fumes. Just north of New Orleans the team is shocked to find a dead pelican entangled in fishing line. At New Orleans, Brett explores the infamous levees that separate the Mississippi River from New Orleans. The glory days of the expedition are long over.

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Brett believes in sharing this message with all who are concerned about the planet, fresh water, clean rivers and healthy communities. He has made this web series free for everyone to view and he encourages you to share this movie to inspire others. Together we can make a difference and preserve our natural resources.

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